SSP Functional Test Platform

Configurable and Customizable

Our new test platform eliminates the need to design test stations from the ground up.

Lower Cost. Faster Delivery.

Test Racks

  • Pre-designed configurations with the common elements of most test racks

  • Ready to build 'as-is' or to customize as needed to meet your requirements

  • Reduce NRE by 50% for standard rack configurations
A computer system with two monitors and one printer.
A table with multiple columns of data.


  • Feature-rich Python and LabVIEW Test Executives ready to use

  • Quickly code instrument control using the API of our Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL).

  • Minimize software development NRE to only DUT-specific code


  • Low-cost EVT/DVT fixtures for small builds of changing designs


  • Robust PVT fixtures as production volumes ramp


  • Reduce lead time for test rack, software and fixture to as quick as 6 weeks
A machine that is sitting on top of a table.

We also design and build custom test stations that meet your requirements.

A computer monitor and keyboard on top of a rack.

Wireless IoT Compliance Test Rack

P1350477-Edit (1)

SSP Test Platform Test Rack with Fixture

A computer tower with a keyboard and monitor on top.

Custom Universal Test Rack

A logo for labview and python teststation.

SSP supports DUT testing focusing on but not limited to:


Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Analog, Digital, Resistivity/Short Circuit


Device Programming, Incorporate Boundary Scan,

Communicate with Microcontrollers, FPGAs, EEPROMs, LED Verification


Serial, I2C, SPI, CAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,

RF Signal, Proprietary


Force, Torque, Motor Control, Encoders, Power


Gas flow rate, Movement of Fluid, Weight,

Dimension, Light, Optics, Machine Vision


ST Link, USB Blaster, BQ, MicroChip


Thermistors, Thermocouples, Capture and Analysis of IR Camera Images

A close up of the inside of an electronics device.

High volume fixture with auto DUT detection, barcode scanner, button press actuators, LED color and intensity measurement and switching between hi-pot and functional test hardware.

Two computers are shown side by side with wires.

High-power fixture with water-cooled heatsink


Low-cost embedded tester and inserts to test a range of DUTs


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