Professional Engineering Services

The SSP engineering team provides one source for prototype and manufacturing integrity, functional test, and system integration needs. Designing and testing new electronics means each project is unique and the market window is tight. SSP uses leading-edge test and measurement technologies to validate that the world’s next generation electronics products are reliable, high performing and ready for high volume manufacturing.

  • Proven Technical Expertise – Each project is headed by a senior test engineer or test architect with vast test experience and a commitment to fulfilling customer requirements using today’s best-practice techniques.

  • Expert Engineering Resources – A dedicated and highly collaborative engineering team ensures each customer project is completed on spec, on time and on budget, with utmost attention to protecting brand equity.

  • Certified Industry Partnerships – Current partnerships include National Instruments Silver Alliance Partner, Keysight Technologies Solution Partner,Teradyne Network Support, and Corelis.

Certified Industry Partnerships

Current partnerships include

Comprehensive Manufacturing and Test Services

As a single source for all test and measurement needs, SSP delivers an extra layer of product readiness by providing comprehensive test services including design for test (DFT), boundary scan, and in-circuit test (ICT), and finally, functional and system integration compliance testing.

Design for Test (DFT)

Many customers factor in a DFT review by SSP test engineers to ensure all test points indicated on a new board design will be accessible, live and testable before going to prototype. The resulting DFT report is a wiring schematic that clearly identifies what needs to fixed to ensure the final product can take advantage of modern testing techniques. Products that pass DFT review make subsequent test generation and diagnosis simpler and easier, thereby reducing test-related product costs and time-to-market. DFT services include:

  • Overview of product’s test accessibility

  • Design optimization for advanced ICT, boundary scan and functional tests

  • Evaluate and determine final tests prior to implementing overall test strategy

  • Enhanced test options include comprehensive circuitry and functionality analysis; defining component test criteria; and detailed reporting down to the component level.

Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan (also known as JTAG) is a fast, cost-effective way to test new products prior to launch without the need for expensive hardware/fixturing. A benchtop boundary scan verifies that processor-based prototypes and beta test boards power up correctly. Once considered a luxury test step for testing printed circuit board interconnects, boundary scan is now proving to be required for testing all nano-scale, high density and sealed integrated circuit devices. Services include:

  • Boundary scan software development

  • Incorporating boundary scan into ICT and functional test

  • Test reports and design improvement recommendations

  • Expertise in working with high-node count and complexities

In-Circuit Test (ICT)

ICT is a test methodology that utilizes test probes to quickly determine if a board or assembly was properly manufactured; that all required components are on the board and correctly installed. A test report directs test operators to exact points of failure. ICT is typically combined with functional tests, LED testing, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter testing to assure overall manufacturing readiness. ICT services include:

  • ICT software development including advanced boundary scan and functional test integration

  • Fixture development

  • Keysight 3070 (formerly Agilent/HP)

Functional and System Integration Test

As a final quality control mechanism, functional test systems are implemented in the last phase of the production line for components, sub-systems and final systems. Functional tests verify that the device is compliant with its functional test specifications and provides demonstrable and repeatable proof that the product meets all requirements and perform as expected. Functional test capabilities include:

  • LabVIEW, TestStand and Python programming expertise

  • Software development

  • Turnkey test rack systems

  • Test report storage on local/global network

Additional Services
  • R&D and Lab Test Systems

  • Manufacturing Production Test

  • Design Validation Test

  • RMA and Field Repair Test

  • Big Data collection capabilities