RMA & Field Repair Test

RMA & Field Repair Test Systems help to recoup on existing capital while preventing costly bone-piles from forming. These test systems are distinct from production test systems, but can often leverage the same architecture along with data management software that allows a user to easily view a product’s history while comparing failures at the repair depot with performance during original production test.

With thousands of test solutions deployed worldwide, Solution Sources helps customers maximize their product investment by providing test systems that can rapidly debug your returned units and while helping to prevent bone piles from forming. By integrating our product data management software, you can improve your visibility into your product’s lifecycle from R&D to Production to Field Repair.

Powerful Systems – Powerful Software

Our RMA & Field Repair Systems offer powerful platforms that leverage our decades of experience in improving manufacturing test yields. By integrating powerful data management software you gain analytics & reporting tools that provide valuable information such as yield, cpk, trends & genealogy – and more.

We help customers:
Rapidly Repair Returned Product
Prevent Costly “Bone Piles”
Utilize tools to track product data
Improve overall product yields
Example of Forms to Manage Data