R&D and Lab Testing

Manual test procedures commonly found within R&D and Lab environments can often prolong test times while detracting from the efficient logging and collection of pertinent data. The human operator element also introduces inconsistencies within measurements and can cause problems when comparing data sets.

As a result, thousands of companies are choosing to reduce the cost of test by automating their manually intensive process and implementing test systems with flexible hardware platforms and scalable software that can easily integrate large sums of data into easy-to-read test reports.

Powerful controls at the tip of your fingers
Combining the most important data from your test system into a centralized UI

Our automated test solutions are more than just acquisition and analysis. You have the ability to combine the most important information from your application into specific User Interfaces specifically designed for technicians, engineers, and admin operators with their own functionality.

Existing Instrumentation or New

Many requirements have an existing instrument setup that operators use in a manual fashion. When looking to automate this process, the good news is we can leverage this instrumentation to automate this manual procedure.

Alternatively, it is common for customers to want a new setup that is custom-tailored for their requirement yet flexible enough to allow for multiple product configurations/families. For requirements such as these, we elect to deploy systems that offer flexible measurements, rapid test configurations that leverage a single software environment, and fast execution times by utilizing built-in math and signal processing functions.