Manufacturing Production Test

Increasing device complexity leading to expanded requirements poses challenges at production test, as engineers must create manufacturing production test systems that increase throughput while providing lower cost per test per unit while paying attention to releasing their product to market in time.

Solution Sources helps companies across the world in multiple industries build robust, cost-effective manufacturing production test solutions by leveraging what we call a “software-defined approach. In other words, we build test systems using flexible hardware with scalable software.

Robust & Repeatable Test Systems

Our test systems utilize a “software defined” methodology where we incorporate flexible hardware with scalable software that allows us to reduce the capital equipment cost, reduce the test system size, and rapidly develop/deploy systems in time for your important production schedules.

We help customers:
Rapidly Design & Deploy Systems
Save NRE by leveraging our expertise
Efficiently view data with automated reports
Deploy ATE systems to manufacturing sites in time for production
Automated Test System Utilizing Modular and Rack Instrumentation, all under a single software platform
Deploy at Manufacturing Sites Anywhere in the world
We leverage a worldwide support network allowing us to deploy our automated test systems anywhere in the world. Most common regions include China, Malaysia, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and NPI centers across the United States.

In addition to on-site support, we have remote access to our systems and accommodate time-zone constraints by scheduling to your build’s schedule.

Test Following Product Trends

Device interaction is changing as single-purpose hardware is becoming obsolete with the advent of software defined multi-purpose devices such as cell-phones and tablets. Many products utilize a flexible set of hardware and use software to define functionality and user experience.

Learn how we use this approach to solve complex test requirements HERE
Software Defined World