Flying Probe

Flying probe testing uses electro-mechanically controlled probes to access components on printed circuit boards. Commonly used for testing prototypes and low volume production, flying probe focuses on analog components, analog signature analysis, and shorts/opens.

Additional functionality can be added to flying probe platforms such as integrated boundary scan and some forms of functional test to increase the level of diagnostics and coverage. Cases such as these should be approached on a case-to-case basis.

Flying Probe Test Capabilities

The Flying Probe Tester was developed to allow in-circuit testing of prototype assemblies. Incorporating a fixtureless design allows customers to test proto designs that may change and helps to save on the amount of funds dedicated to testing. However, when volumes begin to exceed a few hundred, it may be wiser and more cost-effective to upgrade to an ICT fixture.

Software Development
In-Circuit Testing
Engineering Change Order (ECO)
Local & Offshore Installations
Custom Integrated Solutions (including Functional Test)
Reverse Engineering to generate CAD data for legacy products
Flying Probe Platform
Digital Test MTS500 – Condor

An industry recognized pioneer in the ICT arena, the 3070 has evolved over 20 years to provide one of the most sophisticated in-circuit test systems available today.

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Features Overview
Maximum Nodes: 5184
ICT Boundary Scan
Flash Device Programming
Flash ISP
Shorts and Opens
Fuses, Switches, and Jumpers
Items Needed to Quote
CAD Data (Ex. .cad, .brd, .odb++, .pcb, .zip)
Bill of Materials (in Excel Format)
Schematics (.pdf format)
Fab & Assembly Drawings (optional)
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