Design for Testability (DFT) Reports

When designing complex boards with hundreds or thousands of test points, it is useful to have a Design for Testability review. Given the possibility of 50, 500 or 8,000 nets on a single board – connectivity- or test-points must be accessible and live.

A Design for Testability review identifies test points that might not be ‘live’ and ‘testable’ – and gives you a clear report on what to ‘fix’ in order to ensure that your high-production volume of boards don’t end up in a “bone pile” with other failed boards.

Standard DFT Report

Our standard DFT Reports give a basic overview of test accessibility and a schematic overview. This helps to determine any potential coverage problems upfront – ensuring that your product is in a position to take advantage of modern testing techniques. Products incorporating these design methods make test generation and diagnosis simpler and easier, thereby optimizing test related product costs.

Complex DFT Report
Generally speaking, this is a much more in-depth DFT that looks closer at circuitry and functionality. This report helps you to see and define what is supposed to be tested on your boards as our reports provide detailed coverage down to the component level.

In other words, we don’t just accept the generic test reports the typical 3rd party programmer has access to. We’ve developed a program, to the device level, that states actual coverage for each device. This helps to determine what is being fully tested vs not when implementing your overall test strategy and helps with debug when boards fail after test.

Boundary Scan DFT Report
A Benchtop Boundary Scan DFT Report is specifically designed for benchtop solutions. It helps to verify that the Scan Chain is connected properly (Including Buffers and BYPASS Resistor Stuffing per the customer supplied BOM (Bill Of Materials)). Additionally, we verify that the Compliance Pins (Pins that need to be tied HIGH or LOW) are configured properly. Lastly, we provide a list of TAP Controller and Power resources needed.

Ultimately, this information will help by giving you a test coverage summary, and will give us the necessary information to make recommendations on improving your design (if needed).

Boundary Scan

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