Automated Test

Today’s test engineers are tasked with supporting increasingly complex products featuring expanding requirements by implementing quality, cost-effective solutions. Solution Sources helps our customers succeed by developing flexible test and measurement systems with scalable software applications.

Across multiple industries, engineers in R&D, Production, and Field Return environments rely on our automated test solutions to reduce their cost of test, decrease development time, and increase their test system’s longevity.

Reduce Your Cost and Size of TestRapid Test DevelopmentFlexible Architectures for Future UseSystems built for Long-Term Success
Reduce Your Cost and Size of Test
As test standards evolve, old technologies tend to remain. Therefore, we create software defined test systems utilizing modular architectures. As a result, next requirements can be addressed through additional software while modular hardware allows for easy upgrading. Modular instrumentation also helps to reduce system footprint.
Rapid Test Development
Software defined automated test systems allow for user-defined measurements and analysis in real time. All hardware can be controlled through PC environments using languages such as LabVIEW, TestStand, .NET, Python, LabWindowsCVI, and other C based languages. Refer to our resources section to learn more about rapid test development.
Flexible Architectures for Future Use
By utilizing the industry best practice standard of a “5 Layer Software Architecture” we are able to create applications that not only have the ability to adapt to new technologies as required, but also have the scalability to add new functionality (and instrumentation) as needed. This reduces the risk of hardware obsolescence through hardware abstraction layers.
Systems built for Long-Term Success
We provide test systems that are durable, safe, and accurate. Approved hardware vendors as well as custom PCBAs undergo rigorous product testing. We focus on hardware that have long high Mean Time Before Failure results (MTBF) thereby ensuring a longer product life. Ultimately we make sure the hardware supports the required accuracy of your product requirements.
R&D & DVT Systems

R&D/DVT Systems

R&D environments often feature laborious manual procedures when characterizing a device. Partner with Solution Sources to develop automated test systems that improve test time while automatically storing your critical data.
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Manufacturing Test Systems

Reduce your capital equipment cost while improving throughput by leveraging our modular and hybrid test systems utilizing flexible hardware platforms and scalable software.

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Boundary Scan

Existing Instrumentation Automation

Our engineers have decades of experience integrating existing instrumentation into a final automated test system. Leverage our expertise to get the most out of your existing capital.

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