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5G: The Internet for Everyone and Everything

5G: The Internet for Everyone and Everything Though today’s 4G networks incorporate the latest technologies and continue to offer faster data access, the road beyond LTE and LTE-A is far from clear. The rapid consumption of wireless data continues to outpace the industry’s ability to meet demand. However, faster data and greater access are only part of the story. The mobile Internet has painted a picture of continued innovation and inspired researchers all over the world to think beyond faster data and ... Read more

x1149 Boundary Scan Demonstration

x1149 Boundary Scan Platform Demonstration Read more

Next Generation of WiFi? See 802.11ax

Are you ready for the next chapter of WiFi? Meet 802.11ax Original article can be seen here. Now that the first wave of 802.11ac Wi-Fi routers and devices are making their way out the door, the Wi-Fi Alliance and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) have begun to look ahead to its successor: 802.11ax. And this time around, the wireless industry is turning its focus away from overall network capacity to actual connection speed to the device. What I mean by that ... Read more

Mixed Signal Power Amplifier Test Challenges

Mixed Signal Power Amplifier Test Challenges More modes + more bands = more measurements Increasing time-to-market pressure RF instruments test faster and cheaper Modern test architectures require: Speed Flexibility Accuracy PXI platforms address these requirements through: PC based technology Modular hardware Flexible software Read more

New Website Launched!

Solution Sources is in the process of creating a new webpage. Stay tuned for more information, articles, thoughts on the T&M world, and much more! Read more

SSP Provides Services with DigitalTest’s Flying Probe System

SSP Provides Services with DigitalTest's Flying Probe System Concord, Calif., and San Jose, Calif., February. 25, 2013 Digitaltest and Solution Sources Programming Inc. (SSP) announced today that Solution Sources, a comprehensive programming solution provider in San Jose, has added Digitaltest’s Condor Flying Probe solution to provide programming and testing services. "Adding the Digitaltest Condor system to our test floor was a necessity to accommodate the influx of new customers, requiring fixtureless test and testing services" said Dan Orlando, president of SSP. "Adding the Flying ... Read more