WiFi 802.11ac Characterization

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The Requirement
Characterizing the next WiFi standard, 802.11ac, creates new challenges such as new modulation schemes, more channels, and additional bandwidth considerations. We needed to implement a system that was accurate yet reduced characterization times while keeping the overall cost of test down.

By incorporating a modular system, we were able to keep hardware costs down while also providing superior performance, all within a smaller footprint. We use the NI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) to meet our requirements.
Because of the device’s multiple gain stages, there are thousands of different gain settings for a single receiver. Add MIMO (multiple in/multiple out) configurations and the number of data points continues to increase.

In order to maintain acceptable test times, we utilize the VST’s on-board FPGA to control the device under test and process data.

Ultimately Solution Sources created a configurable user interface using LabVIEW while leveraging the VST’s on board processing power to provide a test solution that is accurate, fast, and affordable.

Additional Info

Learn more about how to overcome large net-count assemblies by working with us to develop a test strategy for your design.

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