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Fixture Close-Up

Fixture Close-Up

With over 20 years of experience with Agilent ICT products, Solution Sources successfully developed and deployed the very first commercially used application utilizing Agilent’s HNC Adapter on an assembly utilizing a dual processor Intel-based design. This device under test featured an assembly with over 10,000 nets with 7,200 of them physically accessible.

Standard Agilent 3070 models would not have been able to capture all nets – even when utilizing node reduction strategies. The HNC Adapter allowed us to maintain high coverage due to teh increase in tester resources, ultimately allowing us to cover 95.7% of the assembly compared to only 58% coverage on a standard platform using a single fixture.

The HNC Adapter had minimal effect on the overall application development time, as there was approximately two days added to the development effort. The tools and macros supplied with the HNC adapter helped to smoothen and maintain standard debug time, which ultimately lead to a successful deployment at the EMS provider in time for the customer’s production schedule.

EMS manufacturing technicians and staff were easily trained, as the new requirements to load, unload, and support the HNC Adapter are very similar to standard 3070 fixture support in a production environment.

Solution Sources was able to utilize Agilent’s HNC Adapter to provide 37.7% additional coverage for a large networking assembly without sacrificing development time, test time, and most importantly, quality.

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